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  • Afternoon Tea

    20/06/2018 17:00 Villa Ammende, Other

    Afternoon Tea EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 5PM Villa Ammende
    until the end of August 2018 lõpuni Villa Ammende’s „Afternoon Tea“ is a timeless ritual of British charm and class known all the world over. It is a time chosen to savour the moment leaving all ones worldly troubles at our door. Villa Ammende’s cosy tea parlour awaits you with a carefully selected variety of tea and refreshments.Perfect way to relish the moment with delightful dishes in unique environment.MenuPrice 35€/per person. We kindly ask you to order the package 48h in advance or phl  +372 447   

  • Traditional folk concerts

    20/06/2018 18:00 Pärnu Lastepark, Folklore

    Traditional folk concerts

    13/06–25/07/2018on Wednesdays at 18:00 Children’s park (next to Rüütli street at downtown)

  • Pärnu Organ Festival

    22/06/2018 20:00 Eliisabeti kirik, Concert

    1.06–31.08.2018 on Friday evenings at 8 pm Pärnu Eliisabet's Church

    XVI Pärnu Organ Festival

    Musicians offer an exciting and enjoyable festival for organ music enthusiasts, centred around the two organs of the Pärnu Eliisabet Church. The performers include musicians from Estonia and guests from abroad. Organ concerts take place throughout summer from the beginning of June until the end of August on Friday evenings at 8 

  • Guided walks in Pärnu town centre

    23/06/2018 15:00 algusega Pärnu Külastuskeskusest , Other

    Pärnu Visitor Centre organizes free tours in the city of Pärnu. During an hour-long walking tour you can find out about the history of our town, its fascinating events, our past, present and future. It is a great possibility to see and visit the major architectural sites.Tour Dates: 01.06-31.08.2018:
    Mondays 15:00 in Russian
    Fridays 15:00 in Finnish
    Saturdays 15:00 in English / in EstonianAll guided walks start at the Pärnu Visitor Center in Pärnu (Uus Street 4) and are FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Sunday BRUNCH

    24/06/2018 12:00 Villa Ammende, Other


    SUNDAY BRUNCH every Sunday until the end of August 2018

    During summer months brunch takes place every Sunday, every time from 12 noon until 2pm brunch-i nautima!Villa Ammende chefs have prepared with love and care plentiful cold buffet and choice of hot dishes you can choose from the menu. To end the perfect meal there is a selection of desserts and cakes. Our Chef de Cuisine creates a separate menu especially for each brunch – every time you can indulge your taste buds to new flavours, however, there are also some favourite dishes that are always on the menu.Refreshing drinks and sparkling wine a Gioiosa Valdobbia-dene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Spumante Extra are perfect companions for the Sunday meal.Come and spend a memorable afternoon with family or friends in our unique atmosphere. Adult  25€
    0 – 2 yrs old  free admission, 3 – 12 yrs old  15€
    Family  75€ (2 adults + children)Information and bookings or +372 447 3888 

Pågående händelser denna vecka


    02/06/2018 - 17/07/2018 Pärnu Linnagalerii, Exhibition

     2.06– 14.07.2018 
    Pärnu City Gallery at Town Hall, Uus tn 4, Pärnu
    Pärnu Artists' House, Nikolai 27, Pärnu


    Pärnu Summer of ART 2018 Open Tue–Fri 11–17, Sat 11– 

  • International Nude Art Exhibition "Man and woman"

    04/06/2018 - 02/09/2018 Uue Kunsti Muuseum, Other

    4.06–2.09.2018 Museum of New Art

    International Nude Art Exhibition "Man and woman"

    The international nude art exhibition "Man and woman"is as inseparable a part of the Pärnu summer as the golden sun and the sandy beach by the warm sea gulf.

  • Exhibition MADE IN PÄRNUMAA

    13/06/2018 - 07/10/2018 Pärnu Muuseum, Exhibition

    Exhibition MADE IN PÄRNUMAA 13.06 – 7.10.2018 Pärnu Museum

    Exhibition "Made in Pärnumaa"

    This exhibition, which is a collaborative project involving themuseums in Pärnu County, is an ode to Pärnu County and its vicinity. Itdeals with significant historical and cultural events, important localfigures and inventors, objects and sayings. The visitor will becomefamiliar with everything that is unique, significant and special aboutPärnu County, and what’s most important, comes from right here. Thealmost 100 most important objects, actions services, events, and worksthat are highlighted are unique and important to our home county andstill play a meaningful role for the Estonian people and their history.Among other things, the concept emphasises the status of Pärnu as thebirthplace of the Republic of Estonia and its importance in winning theWar of Independence, as well as the role of the outstanding residents ofPärnu County in Estonia’s government and culture."The exhibition also marks a change that occurred last year wherebyPärnu County became an even larger territorial unit totalling 5,419 km²(continues to be the largest county in Estonia), which now includesseven local governments: the rural municipalities of Häädemeeste, Kihnu,Lääneranna, Põhja-Pärnumaa, Saarde and Tori, as well as the town ofPä  

Viktiga händelser denna vecka

  • Aloha Surf Center program

    01/06/2018 - 20/09/2018 Pärnu linn, Other

    Weekly program Aloha Surf Center
    1 June – 20 September 2018

    Aloha Surf Center is open every day 10.00-.....till the sun drops, you can relax in Cafe Aloha or have fun on the water.

    Every day: 10:00, 13:00, 16:00 Kitesurf and windsurf lessons

    10:00 Windsurf teaser course
    12:00 SUP trip to Audru river
    13:00 Kitesurf teaser – first steps to become a true kitesurfer
    16:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu mole                     
    10:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    13:00 Kitesurf teaser – first steps to become a true kitesurfer
    16:00 Fatbike tour on the beach dunes
    19:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    10:00 Windsurf teaser course
    11:00 SUP trip to Audru river
    16:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    19:00 BBQ party – all you can eat!
    10:00 Fatbike tour on the beach dunes
    16:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    18:00 Skimboard workshop
    19:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    19:00 Strange Coctail party
    10:00 Windsurf teaser course
    18:00 Your first steps towards surf – briefing about Aloha's activities and trips
    19:00 Early bird registration
    19:00 Board Meeting
    10:00 Cafe Aloha boosts: SUP trip + refreshing smoothie
    11:00 Skimboard workshop
    16:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    19:00 Tastes of Aloha
    10:00 Cafe Aloha pancake morning
    11:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    16:00 Skimboard workshop
    19:00 Fatbike tour on the beach dunes
    Scheduled times are not suitable? Let us know and we’ll follow your agenda.
    Prior registration is essential for trips and evening events to quarantee equipment and seats availability:, +372 5694 1133
    Prices for scheduled trips and workshops: Fatbike 49€, SUP 30€, Kayak 30€, Skim 15€, Wind- and Kitesurf  Teaser 60€.


    Stand up paddling, paddlesurfing, SUP - whatever you choose to call it, there’s something magical about the simple act of walking on the water. And unlike other board sports that demand hours and hours of practice, SUP is easy to learn, simple to do and it is incredibly FUN. It appeals equally to men and women, young and old, families, fitness freaks, thrill-seekers or yogis. The sandy bottom and shallow water at Pärnu beach provide excellent and safe conditions for anyone curious enough to give it a try.


    Learning, progressing, competing or just spending time on the water - windsurf is the most exciting and affordable way to enjoy the sailing sensation. You can master the basic skills during the beginner course and after successfully completing the training you will be windsurfing on your own. We offer one hour beginner courses with an inflatable rig, which is suitable for everyone making the first steps towards windsurfing. Or you can choose the three hour course to become familiar with the sport’s true nature.


    Looking for a little adrenaline rush - this is the sport for you! Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. Aloha kiteboarding courses are based on international IKO teaching programs and all our instructors have an IKO instructor licence. We offer one hour beginner courses with a trainer kite, which is suitable for everyone making the first steps towards kitesurfing. If you want to become an independent kitesurfer then choose the 3x three hour course.


    Skimboarding is a fun activity for groups, families and for anyone with a yearning for fun and something new and exciting. Skimboarding is a boardsport where you use a skimboard to glide over the water. Skimboarding is fairly easy to learn but in order to save time and reduce mishaps and falls, we recommend you take a course. We will show you the proper technique on how to “throw” the board and glide on the water, we will also introduce you the basic maneuvers such as the 180.


    Whether it’s serious exploring, sport, having fun at the beach, hooking big fish, or taking them travelling - we ensure you’ll enjoy the day kayaking out on the water! Pärnu beach with its shallow and warm water offers a nice and safe kayaking opportunity. It is a great way to escape from the masses and spend time with friends or family. The activity is suitable for even the youngest in the family.


    Sand and water – fatbike eats it all for breakfast. Fatbikes are mountain bikes which means you can ride with them everywhere. There's no off-season with these incredibly capable, incredibly versatile bikes. They offer an unique experience and allow you to explore the beautiful nature in a totally new way. We organize guided tours at Pärnu beach and around the Pärnu area for small and medium groups. We provide the knowledge and guidance so all you need to do is have fun.


    21/06/2018 00:00 Pärnu linn, Other

    21.06.2018 at 19 Rüütli square


    The Summer Capital of EstoniaPärnu City Orchestra & Glamband
    ELINA NECHAYEVA, Aija Vitolina (Jelgava), Martynas Kavaliauskas (Šiauliai), Merlin Kivi (Pärnu)Conductor Raitis Ašmanis (Šiauliai)Free entrance

  • Marathon The Republic of Estonia 100

    22/06/2018 00:00 Pärnumaa: Tori, Paikuse, Pärnu, Sports

    22/06/2018 in the city of Pärnu and in Pärnu County

    Marathon The Republic of Estonia 100

    This year's marathon is the special event of Pärnu County Victory Day Marathon to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Republic of Estonia.
    This family event includes a variety of distances and disciplines, including a full and half marathon, e-marathon and children's races. The memorial flame lit in the Church Dedicated to the Memory of Estonian Soldiers in Tori is borne by runners along a route marked by sites of historical and natural interest to the birthplace of the Republic so as to light the flame marking Victory Day the next day.
    The beautiful route the event follows, the encouraging public along the way and the emotional high of crossing the finishing line in central Pärnu are what make this event so special.


  • Midsummer bonfires

    22/06/2018 - 23/06/2018 Pärnu linn, Other

    Friday, 22.06.2018

    at 18 Allika 2a Midsummer bonfire Accordion by Voss. Workshop and gamesat 19 Kinksi village Kinksi village midsummer bonfire Kaks Teed live. Games. Food and drinksat 20 Audru park Midsummer celebrations Ensemble Vanad Sõbrad. Folkdance group Kirmas. DJ Urmas Lassat 20 Courtyard of Old School Centre of Raeküla Old-school midsummer bonfireat 20 Lindi village Lindi village midsummer bonfire Food, drinks, dance. Ensemble POSÕ and folkdance group Anna Raudkatsi Tantsuseltsat 20.45 Varbla Holiday Village open-air stagel Midsummer celebrations Ensemble Midrilind, folkdance group Midli-Madli, dance group Just One Dance, etcat 21 Lihula Lihula midsummer celebrations Folkdance groups Tuurit-Tuurit and Veerepeal. Ensemble Justament and DJ Karel Üksväravat 21 Vatla Folk House Vatla midsummer Ensemble Rix and DJ Rego Reitavat 21 Virtsu park Midsummer Ensemble Seljanka and DJ Cozzo

    Saturday, 23.06.2018 

    at 18 Fishing Village (Sauga harbour) Fishing Village midsummer Live music, competitions, activities for children, etc. Facebook or at 18 Valgeranna Valgeranna midsummer Enjoyable music will be provided by 2 Quick Start, Shanon, Meie Mees and Marju Länik. Games and competitions! Tickets Piletileviat 19 Nooruse Maja summer garden Midsummer bonfire This year, the entertainment will be provided by Arne Järvesaar. There will take place tests of strenght. Trampoline for children. Facebook or 

    at 19 C. R. Jakobson Farm Museum Midsummer at Kurgj kurgja.eeat 18 Pärnu Vallikäär Pärnu midsummer bonfire Family event with enjoyable music and program. Tickets Piletilevi at 20 Ridase Midsummer Ensemble Tip-Top, DJ Cozzo, games and attractions for children. Facebookat 21 Tõstamaa open-air stage Midsummer Ensemble KENTUKID, VDJ MARTINEERO. Food and drinks. tostamaa.eeat 21 Pärnu Yacht Harbour Midsummer bonfire Dance music will be played by the James Wertz and band. Entrance is free of charge for everyone. Facebook or

  • XXXII Pärnu Film Festival

    25/06/2018 - 08/07/2018 Pärnu linn, Movie/Cinema

    25.06- 8.07.2018 Museum of New Art

    XXXII Pärnu Film Festival

    Screenings in Pärnu June 25–30. Opening ceremony in Pärnu on June 25. Award ceremony in Pärnu on June 30. Travelling to different towns in Estonia on July 1-8.Program

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