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    13/06/2018 - 07/10/2018 Pärnu Muuseum, Выставка

    MADE IN PÄRNUMAA 13.06 – 7.10.2018 Pärnu Museum

    Exhibition "Made in Pärnumaa"

    This exhibition, which is a collaborative project involving themuseums in Pärnu County, is an ode to Pärnu County and its vicinity. Itdeals with significant historical and cultural events, important localfigures and inventors, objects and sayings. The visitor will becomefamiliar with everything that is unique, significant and special aboutPärnu County, and what’s most important, comes from right here. Thealmost 100 most important objects, actions services, events, and worksthat are highlighted are unique and important to our home county andstill play a meaningful role for the Estonian people and their history.Among other things, the concept emphasises the status of Pärnu as thebirthplace of the Republic of Estonia and its importance in winning theWar of Independence, as well as the role of the outstanding residents ofPärnu County in Estonia’s government and culture."The exhibition also marks a change that occurred last year wherebyPärnu County became an even larger territorial unit totalling 5,419 km²(continues to be the largest county in Estonia), which now includesseven local governments: the rural municipalities of Häädemeeste, Kihnu,Lääneranna, Põhja-Pärnumaa, Saarde and Tori, as well as the town ofPärnu.www.parnumuuseum.ee  

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