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Pärnu is a resort city of age-old traditions and a wealth of experience – the first bathing house in Pärnu was opened in 1838, allowing people to enjoy warm sea baths in the summer and the joys of sauna in the winter. The resort owes its popularity to the great location, gentle beach, fresh air, and green parks, but also the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as the high-quality treatment and relaxation services. The spas allow you to pamper your mind and your body any time of the year. In addition to the traditional treatments, you can also enjoy real Estonian spa procedures, such home beer or peat treatment, while in the Sun room, the sun is shining all year round! The truly courageous ones can try out the icy “hug” of the ice chamber, where the temperature is -100 oC. The braver ones are also welcome at the “folk spas” of Pärnu County. Different tourist farms provide the possibility to enjoy hot Estonian sauna with honey treatment and traditional whisking. You can also try smoke sauna or admire the starry sky and listen to the wind while having a good time in a barrel sauna.


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"Jasmine" ilusalong

Ringi 9, Pärnu
+372 5645 4323
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Aare Massaaž

Pärivere 17, Are alevik
+372 5663 5419
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Õhtu põik 4-10
+372 5669 6940
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Dr. Raja Kangur Hambaravi

Pargi 4-1, Pärnu
+372 442 6096
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Elia Ilusalong

Rüütli 16, Pärnu
+372 442 7995
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Hambaravi Ristoja ja Tuisk

Männi 15, Pärnu
+372 443 7877
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Hambastuudio OÜ

Jannseni 2a, Pärnu
+372 442 6026
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Helle & Helen Juuksuriäri

Rüütli 41, Papiniidu 42, Hommiku 17, Pärnu
+372 444 2169
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