Foundation Pärnumaa Tourism

The Foundation Pärnumaa Tourism (Tourism of the Pärnu County) was set up by the Union of Local Municipalities in spring 2007 with the aim to present the town and county of Pärnu as a leisure and tourism area in the Baltic Sea region which is widely recognised and has become: well established and developed.

The Foundation conducts the following to achieve its objectives:

  • prepares a tourism marketing plan for the town and county and takes responsibility for its implementation, aiming to devise a positive image of the area;
  • participates in the preparation and development of new tourism-related products;
  • coordinates cooperation between stakeholders;
  • works closely with local municipalities, tourism entrepreneurs and voluntary organisations, and promotes cooperation with tourism organisations and other similar institutions in Estonia and abroad;
  • plans and sources in-service training;
  • launches and participates in tourism-related projects;
  • applies for and secures funding from the national budget, Estonian and foreign organisations, local municipalities, legal and physical persons;
  • collects, systematises and disseminates tourist information;
  • conducts or subcontracts surveys required for the advance of the development of the tourism sector.

The Foundation is run by Kaire Ilus, member of the management board. The Foundation employs: project manager Ave Lääne, assistant project manager Getter Koobas, consultants Kaidi Belova and Karin Soodam.

The council members: Rainer Aavik, Mikk Pikkmets, Andrus Aljas, Karel Tölp, Eeri Tammik, Liis Juust, Viivika Orula, Lauri Luur.



Kaire Ilus, manager

Tel +372 447 3001



Ave Lääne, project manager

Tel +372 447 3001



Getter Koobas, assistant project manager

Tel +372 447 3001



Kaidi Belova, consultant

Tel +372 447 3000



Karin Soodam, consultant

Tel +372 447 3000



Merilin Mäe, consultant (maternity leave)



Staff at Pärnu Town Government:

Orvika Reilend, Chief Specialist of Tourism development

Tel +372 444 8359


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