Pärnu County has been chosen as the Estonian food region of 2018. Numerous food-related events take place during the year in Pärnu City as well as in Pärnu County, offering plenty of joy of discovery to the visitors. Get acquainted with the food-related events and partake in the flavour experiences of Pärnu County in all the different seasons!



5 May 2018 Kihnu Herring Journey

The opening event of Kihnu tourist season where you can have a taste of Kihnu Baltic herring dishes and visit Kihnu handicraft and fish fair with workshops. www.kihnu.ee


12 May 2018 RäimeWest

Festival taking place at Lao harbour, introducing local fish dishes and handicraft with Vladislav Koržets and Hanno Kask conducting fish cooking workshops. www.rannatee.ee


12-13 May 2018 Dandelion Festival

Festival taking place in Kihlepa Village, introducing community nutrition principles with local herbalists sharing their knowledge. www.rannatee.ee


19 May 2018 Museum Night at Kurgja

Whitsuntide is celebrated in the C.R. Jakobson Farm Museum with preparation and tasting of holiday food. www.kurgja.ee


27 May 2018 Kalamehe Sunday

Kalamehe quarter days in Pärnu brought into life by community initiative have been very well received by the visitors. You can peek inside the courtyards of people residing in the area of Riia Street and the river and enjoy the dishes prepared by them. Rhubarb cake competition also takes place. facebook.com/KalameheKvartal



2 June 2018 North Livonian Festival

Folk culture festival in Häädemeeste for introducing local cultural heritage in cooperation with the Latvian neighbours. www.rannatee.ee


2-3 June 2018 Kihnu keretäus

The day of Kihnu home cafes values local food, offers great flavours and products of the home island. www.kihnu.ee


3 June 2018 World Cider Day in Pärnu County

International annual event joining all cider enthusiasts from all over the world and offering the opportunity to meet with the local cider manufacturers. At Jaanihanso and Tori Cider Farm. www.worldciderday.com


8-9 June 2018 «Grillfest». Good Food Festival

The largest food festival in Estonia inviting all barbecue enthusiasts to the Vallikäär meadow in Pärnu. www.grillfest.ee


9 June 2018 Herb Garden Visiting Day

Event with a tradition of more than ten years where the lady of the house introduces the aromatic, healing and seasoning plants growing in Tamme Farm in Malda Village and organises workshops with cooks. www.tammetalu.eu


17 June 2018 Quark Cheese Making Workshop

Workshop teaching how to make quark cheese takes place at C.R.Jakobson Farm Museum family Sunday. www.kurgja.ee


23 June 2018 Fishing Village Midsummer’s Day

The big and little ones from Pärnu City and elsewhere are welcome in the Fishing Village at Sauga harbour. Traditional Estonian Midsummer’s Day is celebrated with plenty of activities for everyone. Bad weather must not be feared as the large indoor hall of the harbour cafe is open. www.fishingvillage.ee


23 June 2018 National Midsummer’s Eve at Kurgja

Midsummer’s eve celebrations where in addition to the traditional activities quark cheese masterclass is conducted. All the visitors have the opportunity to buy local farm food. www.kurgja.ee


29 June – 1 July 2018 Pärnu Hanseatic Days

The theme of Pärnu XVII Hanseatic Days is «Back to the Roots. Farm Life and Beauty». The activities of village life are introduced as well as the skills and wisdom of our ancestors. An Estonian village in its authenticity and beauty is exhibited on Pärnu Vallikäär meadow. hansa.parnu.ee



1 July 2018 Bread Making Workshop

Bread making workshop takes place within the activities of C.R.Jakobson Farm Museum family Sunday. www.kurgja.ee


6-8 July 2018 Kihnu Sea Festival

Festival brought into life for preserving the good old fishermen’s day, introducing the culture, handicraft and local food of the island. www.kultuuriruum.ee


7 July 2018 Our Village Party

Popular coastal village festival in Lindi Village for sharing the local culture. www.rannatee.ee


8 July 2018 Kurgja Handicraft Day

Traditional handicraft day at C. R. Jakobson Farm Museum. The participants can get acquainted with the local cultural heritage and buy farm food. www.kurgja.ee


13-15 July 2018 Tori Nights and Days

Food and culture day for offering local food. Instant cafes are open in Tori. www.facebook.com/ToriRahvamaja


14-15 July 2018 Weekend in Varbla

Weekend of open home cafes. www.rannatee.ee


15 July 2018 Yoghurt Making Workshop

Yoghurt making workshop takes place at C.R.Jakobson Farm Museum family Sunday. www.kurgja.ee


21 July 2018 Mihkli Fair

The largest fair with the longest running tradition in Mihkli Village in Pärnu County. The participants can get acquainted with the local cultural heritage and buy farm food. www.facebook.com/mihkli.laat


21 July 2018 Kabli Sunset Festival Courtyards Day

The visitors are welcome to peek into the otherwise hidden home courtyards in Kabli Village. You can visit decorative gardens, beautiful mansions, admire the handicraft of local women, get acquainted with fascinating people of Kabli, their hobbies and activities. Courtyard cafes are also open as well as the tastings of the flavours of the Romantic Coastline. www.kablifest.com


21 July 2018 Pärnu Bay Pike-perch

Pike-perch fishing competition and fishing day for the whole family.

All pike-perch catching enthusiasts who appreciate trolling are welcome in the Fishing Village at the bank of Sauga River. A large camping area and accommodations enable to stay even for the whole weekend. Harbour cafe with trout catching where you can catch fish from the bank and listen to Jaan Tätte’s concert. Open area for children. www.fishingvillage.ee


22 July 2018 Open Farms Day in Pärnu County

Open farms day in Pärnu County organised by the Ministry of Rural Affairs. Estonian food workshops also take place in Kurgja. www.avatudtalud.ee


28 July 2018  Lihula Cafes Day

The visitors are welcome to a dozen of cute and unique cafes where you can taste different delicious treats and enjoy the entertainment. Information: www.facebook.com/lihulakohvikutepaev/


28 July 2018 Uulu Lamb Fest

Whole family festival where the Estonian Barbecue Association organises championships in lamb barbecue. The workshops are organised by Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics and Mikken lamb farm and a fish workshop is organised by Liivi Kalanduskogu. www.facebook.com/lambavest



4 August 2018 Lamb Day at Kurgja

Visitors have the chance to get acquainted with lamb breeding and buy farm food. Information: www.kurgja.ee


11 August 2018 Street Festival «Augustiunetus»

One night street festival in Pärnu where the streets are filled with numerous instant cafes. www.augustiunetus.ee


12 August 2018 Estonian Barley Bread, Buns and Flavoured Butter Workshops

Estonian barley bread, buns and flavoured butter workshops take place within the C.R. Jakobson Farm Museum family Sunday. www.kurgja.ee


20 August 2018 Tahkuranna Cucumber Festival

The key words of the food festival are the important sources of subsistence of the coastal people – cucumber, fish and handicraft. The workshops are organised by the President of the Estonian Chefs Association. A competition for finding the BEST FLAVOUR from cucumber is held at the festival. In cooperation with the project Tastes of Livonia, the tastings of Estonian and Latvian cucumber and fish flavours are organised. www.rannatee.ee


19 August 2018 Preserves Making Workshops

The theme of the family day taking place at C.R. Jakobson Farm Museum is the making of preserves from local basic products. www.kurgja.ee


25 August 2018 Farm Day at Kurgja

The visitors of the farm day have the opportunity to buy farm food and participate in quark cheese, butter, rye coffee, bran porridge etc workshops. The competition of preserves is held on site where the favourite preserves of the visitors are chosen. www.kurgja.ee



8 September 2018 Pärnu County Harvest Fest

Harvest fest originated from the concept of Oktoberfest is a whole family event taking place at Maria Farm. Within the Republic of Estonia 100 celebrations, 100 different beverages from Pärnu County are offered, ranging from handcrafted lemonades to stiffer drinks. www.maria.ee


8 September 2018 Kalamehe Sunday

Kalamehe quarter days in Pärnu brought into life by community initiative have been very well received by the visitors. You can peek inside the courtyards of people residing in the area of Riia Street and the river and enjoy the dishes prepared by them. Rhubarb cake competition also takes place. facebook.com/KalameheKvartal


14-15 September 2018 Saarde Mushroom Festival

Hundreds of mushroom species are introduced, mushroom dishes are offered and chefs’ workshops take place at Tihemetsa. Have a taste of the fly mushroom soup and chanterelle tincture i.e the Romantic Coastline love potion. www.rannatee.ee


23 September 2018 Lavassaare Autumn Fair

Fair organised by Lavassaare Village Society, offering local food produce. In addition you can visit Lavassaare Railroad Museum, inspect the standing exposition and take a train ride. www.facebook.com/vanavara.laat



6-7 October 2018 Joint Cooking of Tribal Dishes

Finno-Ugric dishes workshops in Kihlepa Village house. www.eassalu-neitsi.ee


6-14 October 2018 Pärnu Cafe Week

Cafes worth discovering. Exciting menus and favourably priced offers. This year Pärnu Cafe Week also expands to the County, starting the week with 100 instant cafes, also involving home cafes. www.kohvikutenadal.ee


26 October 2018 at Cafe Kuuvarjutus



23 November 2018 at Klaara-Manni Holiday Village
14 December 2018 at Kurgja Farm Museum

Soomaa Friar’s Lanterns

Cultural and thrilling evening in different Soomaa undertakings. Friar’s lantern is an inviting light in marshy areas. Indicates and directs to places where you can enjoy a nice evening on a Friday close to the full moon. Friar’s lanterns blink in several places inviting to Soomaa. www.joemaa.ee


17 November 2018 New Wine Party at Tori Cider Farm

Celebration of the wine world’s new year’s party Beaujolais nouveau day in Pärnu County à la Tori Cider Farm. The end of the collection and pressing season is celebrated with the new wine, social games, local food, tastings, and dancing with a band. www.siidritalu.ee


18 November 2018 Farm Culture Study Day at Kurgja

C.R. Jakobson Farm Museum invites you to Kurgja. You are welcome to participate in gingerbread dough workshop within the farm culture school. www.kurgja.ee



1-23 December 2018 Christmas in Farm

C.R. Jakobson Farm Museum invites you to participate in the Christmas programme "Christmas in Farm". During the group visits you can learn how bread is made and order Estonian national dishes! Information: www.kurgja.ee


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