Accommodation in Pärnu during Weekend Festival

There are more than 90 accommodation establishments in Pärnu, and several more located not far away. Everyone should find something to suit their taste and budget. You can enjoy the amenities at one of Pärnu’s spas or historic hotels, while cheaper lodgings can be found in guest houses, hostels and B&Bs. There are also private apartments, holiday homes and tourist farms, which give you the chance to get away from the city. Since there are more tourists during Weekend Festival, accommodation may be more expensive than usual. Make your reservation for your stay during Weekend Festival as soon as possible.

Check out accommodation in Pärnu and Pärnu County from the Visit Pärnu database or make a reservation via the following links.

Closest hotels to festival area

Affordable accommodation in Pärnu during the festival

Alternative accommodation

  • Weekend prison camp - the real Pärnu Prison opens its gates to turn it into most epic camping site of the Weekend! See more here.


It is not permitted to camp in the city (except at the official Weekend camp site), but there are free camp sites outside the city (RMK camp sites). Find out more about RMK camp sites here. For a small fee, it is also possible to camp on the tourist farms and camp grounds you come across on your way to Rīga and Tõstamaa. Public transport is quite frequent, but take into consideration that there are no buses in the evenings. A Visit Pärnu database search can be very useful.

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