Weekend Festival Baltic 2018 in Pärnu

What's going on in Pärnu this August? The Weekend Festival Baltic of course – Pärnu’s biggest event and the one that attracts the most people every year. The festival will feature the most respected artists on the electronic dance music or EDM scene and the whole weekend will be dedicated to a buzzing beach party. Pärnu beach, where Weekend Festival will be held, is one of the best beaches in Estonia – and according to the British newspaper The Independent, it's one of the best places in Europe for a beach holiday. Locals and visitors alike love to relax on Pärnu beach.

Weekend Festival Baltic 2018 will take place from 16-18 August – don't miss the biggest party of the year! Weekend Festival will feature the most famous names on the EDM scene. 2018 headliners are David Guetta, Afrojack, Axwell/\Ingrosso, Kygo, Hardwell, Post Malone ja The Prodigy.

2018 schedule:

2017 aftermovie:


Practical information


Getting to Weekend Festival. The closest airports to Pärnu are Tallinn Airport (140 km) and Rīga International Airport (200 km). Lux Express and Ecolines buses are available from Rīga to Pärnu. It is advisable to buy bus tickets in advance for the Weekend Festival, since there are more travellers than usual at these times.

You can take a bus from Tallinn, Viljandi or Tartu to Pärnu, or also a train from Tallinn. Alternatively, you can try car-sharing, for example using Uber.

Transport in Pärnu during Weekend Festival. The traffic set-up will be changed in Pärnu during the festival. You can find information about parking and public transport here. A ticket system based on electronic bus card is applicable in Pärnu city lines. More information about it can be found here. Electronic cards can be bought and money can be loaded on it for example from Pärnu Bus Station and from R-Kiosks. A hour ticket for travel within Pärnu costs 2€, or 3€ from the bus driver. Buses are available until around midnight in summer, starting again at around 5 o’clock in the morning. You can find the exact bus schedules here.

Phone numbers for taxi companies can be found here. Pärnu, however, is compact and it is easy to get around the city on foot or by bike.

Grocery stores and shopping centres

Grocery stores can be found 2-3 kilometres from the beach, while larger shopping centres are no further than a 10-minute drive from the festival area. Grocery stores and shopping malls are usually open from 8:00-22:00, smaller shops from 10:00-19:00. However, opening and closing times may vary. Fast food and simple ready-made food can be purchased from petrol stations (e.g. Statoil and Olerex), which are usually open around the clock.

Sales of alcohol in Estonia are permitted from 10:00-22:00. When drinking, please bear others in mind and remember that it is not allowed to ride a bicycle or motorcycle while intoxicated.

Shopping centres and grocery stores in Pärnu:

Eating out

Pärnu is a mecca of flavours in summer and eateries open their doors to clients on every corner. The restaurants, cafés and other eateries in Pärnu have something for everyone.

The best restaurants. The Estonian Restaurant Guide 2017 recommends nine places to eat in Pärnu: Akord, Villa Wesset's restaurant, Mahedik - a café for eco-gourmands, Lime Lounge, Piparmünt café & restaurant, Mon Ami, Hea Maa café & restaurant and Supelsaksad café. Rannahotell's restaurant has the highest ranking in the guide, and it is also on the White Guide Nordic 2017 list.

Vegetarian and seafood. Vegetarian food is available at the following eateries in Pärnu: Tervisetoidukoda, Piccadilly vegetarian café, Mahedik - a café for eco-gourmands, Kroon café. Other eateries can modify their dishes according to the customers' wishes, too – just ask the wait staff! Since Pärnu is by the sea, Kalamajaka café enjoys an honorary place in the city for the seafood it offers. Pärnu Yacht Club's restaurant overlooks the Pärnu River.

Fast, simple food. The fast food places closest to the festival area include Poisi eine, Lehe café and Pizzahunt. Another popular pizza place is Steffani Pizza Restaurant. Simple pub food can be enjoyed at Sweet Rosie Irish Pub and Nikolai Lehtla.

You can choose a place to eat that takes your fancy here: Places to eat in Pärnu.


Find out about the accommodation possibilities during Weekend Festival Baltic here!

Safety and medical care

To ensure the safety of Weekend Festival visitors, the number of police officers, rescue service and ambulance workers has been increased. Estonian police officers are friendly and professional and will happily help those in need. The emergency number in Estonia is 112. Pharmacies are located in every major shopping centre, but simple first aid kits are also sold in grocery stores. The emergency room at Pärnu Hospital is located at Ristiku 1 (7 km from the festival area).

Entertainment (clubs, bars and events)

Many events take place in Pärnu in summer and Weekend Festival is not the only one where you’ll have a good time. Pärnu’s nightclubs attract local and foreign artists, DJs and series of events to Estonia’s summer capital. Pärnu beach has long been the location of the Sunset nightclub, while the Mirage, Vaarikas, Sugar Club, Puhvet A.P.T.E.K and Öölokaal Kassa nightclubs are located in the city centre. Bars and pubs are a nice place to hang out, grab a bite to eat and have a drink.

What other exciting things can you do in Pärnu and Pärnu County during Weekend Festival?

Fun in the water. Pärnu beach is the perfect place for fun in the water at Aloha Surf Center and Pärnu Surf Center, which among other things offer kite surfing, SUP surfing and skimboarding. For a less extreme experience, try water biking, enjoy sailing or take a fishing boat up the river.

Escape rooms and adventure parks. Escape rooms in Pärnu offer adrenaline-filled experiences. Adventurers are welcome at CCCP Põgenemistuba, Secret House and Põgene adventure game. Group games in an escape room make for an exciting change of scene that’s sure to get your blood pumping. Pärnu Seikluskeskus offers exciting climbing courses up in the air in the city, while Valgeranna Adventure Park has climbing courses just 10 km outside of Pärnu at Valgeranna, also known as ‘the beach with the white sand’.

Spa relaxation. The spa history of Pärnu dates back to the 19th century. Nowadays there are eight different spas: Tervise Paradiis, which has the biggest water park and a brand new sauna centre; Estonia Medical Spa TERMID, which has a long history; Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa`s spa and sauna center, which is in modern Estonian style; Viiking Saaga water and sauna centre, which is designed as a Viking oasis; and Hedon Spa & Hotel, which offers luxurious relaxation. All of these spas are located in close proximity to the Weekend Festival area, making them great options for relaxation.

Nature holidays. A great way to recharge your batteries after partying for days on end at Weekend Festival is to head into the great outdoors, for example at Soomaa National Park. Its woods and bogs are home to several hiking trails of different lengths and types. You can find other places suitable for hiking and camping on the RMK website.

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