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Ongoing events today

  • BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. Marju Lorentson photo exhibition

    15/05/2017 - 01/10/2017 Pärnu Külastuskeskuse galerii, Exhibition

    15.05.-01.10.2017 Pärnu Visitor Center Gallery (Uus 4)

    Beautiful weather

    Marju Lorentson photo exhibitionThe world is filled with rapidly changing light and shadow, colour and sound, silence and feeling. Perhaps there are only two seasons in Estonia after all – a cold and windy spring with a few spots of sunshine, followed by a rain-soaked, foggy autumn with a few proper cold days.Sometimes I feel lucky – the four seasons reveal themselves and I manage to capture the brief moment and share the joy.If the viewer stops and thinks for a moment, I’ve managed to pass something on and communicate, even briefly. And that’s not nothing in our ever speedier lives, is it?Marju Lorentson 

  • MAN AND WOMAN. International Nude Art Exhibition

    04/06/2017 - 03/09/2017 Uue Kunsti Muuseum, Exhibition

    4 June – 4 September 2017 Museum of New Art


    XXIV International Nude Art ExhibitionThe exhibition aims to hit irrational undertones in the relations between a man and a woman, which give occasion to surreal solutions.MAN AND WOMAN is as inseparable a part of the Pärnu summer as the golden sun and the sandy beach by the warm sea 

  • Witnessing the boom

    16/06/2017 - 27/08/2017 Pärnu linn, Exhibition

    15/06–27/08/2017 Pärnu MuseumWitnessing the boom. First Estonian Children’s Fashion & Design

Main events today

  • Aloha Surf Center program

    19/06/2017 - 31/08/2017 Pärnu linn, Other

     Weekly program Aloha Surf Center
    19 June – 31 August 2017

    Aloha Surf Center is open every day 10.00-.....till the sun drops, you can relax in Cafe Aloha or have fun on the water.

    Every day: 10:00, 13:00, 16:00 Kitesurf and windsurf lessons

    10:00 Windsurf teaser course
    12:00 SUP trip to Audru river
    13:00 Kitesurf teaser – first steps to become a true kitesurfer
    16:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu mole                     Tuesday:
    10:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    13:00 Kitesurf teaser – first steps to become a true kitesurfer
    16:00 Fatbike tour on the beach dunes
    19:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu moleWednesday:
    10:00 Windsurf teaser course
    11:00 SUP trip to Audru river
    16:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    19:00 BBQ party – all you can eat!Thursday:
    10:00 Fatbike tour on the beach dunes
    16:00 Kayak trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    18:00 Skimboard workshop
    19:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu moleFriday:
    10:00 Windsurf teaser course
    18:00 Your first steps towards surf – briefing about Aloha's activities and trips
    19:00 Early bird registration
    19:00 Weekend starter – Cafe Aloha specialsSaturday:
    10:00 Cafe Aloha boosts: SUP trip + refreshing smoothie
    11:00 Skimboard workshop
    16:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    19:00 Cafe Aloha chillSunday:
    10:00 Cafe Aloha pancake morning
    11:00 SUP trip to the famous Pärnu mole
    16:00 Skimboard workshop
    19:00 Fatbike tour on the beach dunesScheduled times are not suitable? Let us know and we’ll follow your agenda.Prior registration is essential to quarantee equipment availability:, +372 5694 1133Prices for scheduled trips and workshops: Fatbike 49€, SUP 30€, Kayak 30€, Skim 15€, Wind- and Kitesurf  Teaser 60€.


    Stand up paddling, paddlesurfing, SUP - whatever you choose to call it, there’s something magical about the simple act of walking on the water. And unlike other board sports that demand hours and hours of practice, SUP is easy to learn, simple to do and it is incredibly FUN. It appeals equally to men and women, young and old, families, fitness freaks, thrill-seekers or yogis. The sandy bottom and shallow water at Pärnu beach provide excellent and safe conditions for anyone curious enough to give it a try.


    Learning, progressing, competing or just spending time on the water - windsurf is the most exciting and affordable way to enjoy the sailing sensation. You can master the basic skills during the beginner course and after successfully completing the training you will be windsurfing on your own. We offer one hour beginner courses with an inflatable rig, which is suitable for everyone making the first steps towards windsurfing. Or you can choose the three hour course to become familiar with the sport’s true nature.


    Looking for a little adrenaline rush - this is the sport for you! Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. Aloha kiteboarding courses are based on international IKO teaching programs and all our instructors have an IKO instructor licence. We offer one hour beginner courses with a trainer kite, which is suitable for everyone making the first steps towards kitesurfing. If you want to become an independent kitesurfer then choose the 3x three hour course.


    Skimboarding is a fun activity for groups, families and for anyone with a yearning for fun and something new and exciting. Skimboarding is a boardsport where you use a skimboard to glide over the water. Skimboarding is fairly easy to learn but in order to save time and reduce mishaps and falls, we recommend you take a course. We will show you the proper technique on how to “throw” the board and glide on the water, we will also introduce you the basic maneuvers such as the 180.


    Whether it’s serious exploring, sport, having fun at the beach, hooking big fish, or taking them travelling - we ensure you’ll enjoy the day kayaking out on the water! Pärnu beach with its shallow and warm water offers a nice and safe kayaking opportunity. It is a great way to escape from the masses and spend time with friends or family. The activity is suitable for even the youngest in the family.


    Sand and water – fatbike eats it all for breakfast. Fatbikes are mountain bikes which means you can ride with them everywhere. There's no off-season with these incredibly capable, incredibly versatile bikes. They offer an unique experience and allow you to explore the beautiful nature in a totally new way. We organize guided tours at Pärnu beach and around the Pärnu area for small and medium groups. We provide the knowledge and guidance so all you need to do is have fun

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